Class Schedule System

Are you finding a way to learn Quran through easiest and comfortable means?

Then you have definitely landed on the most suitable site. We have the best solution to your concerns. You don’t have to drive your kids to some Islamic school or mosque to get them learn Quran. Now Quran can be learnt at home with the help of our online Quran academy. This online Quran academy is totally different from others and provide you with a lot of facilities. You will see fruitful results just after few classes with us.



Our focus is on quality of the service we provide. We have more than 80 teachers. All of them are completely qualified. Most of the teachers are Mufti and Aalims who have complete knowledge of Quran.  They will help you enlighten your hearts with the words of Allah SWT. It is the most important thing to learn and read Quran in the correct manner and it can only be done with the guidance of good teacher. Learning or reading Quran for the first time can be a bit difficult for whom Arabic is not the first language. Only a qualified teacher can make this path easier for you. Our teachers will walk along you through each and every word of the Holy Quran.


Not only this, we also have female teachers available who are equally qualified. All teachers are fully experienced who are performing their duty with great enthusiasm and dedication. This facility will be beneficial for those female students who couldn’t go out or couldn’t find a female teacher to teach them Quran. Now it will be easy for our sisters and daughters to learn Quran by staying at home. Nothing would be hurdle any more in your way of learning Quran.


The Holy Quran is not just a book, it’s the speech of Allah SWT. So, it deserves to be read more carefully. Care should be taken that we made no mistake while reciting it. It is necessary for a Muslim to understand the Quran and its true meaning because it is the foundation of a Muslim’s faith. Allah has advised us to lead our lives in accordance with Quran so that we can get the divine fruit on the day of Judgement. One who is unable to understand the meaning of Quranic verses will not be able to reflect upon them in his practical life. So, it is the most important thing to learn Quran and learn it rightly. One who studies Quran in detail comes to know about the true significance of its message which helps him in putting the life on the right track.


For us, student’s satisfaction and ease is the first priority. Keeping that in view, we have designed a new software that dynamically allocates and arranges classes as per student’s availability. This means you can have a time schedule that suits you the best. If a student is unable to attend the class on someday, that class will be rescheduled and will be adjusted accordingly. In this way, you can learn Quran not only at the place of your choice but also at the time of your choice.



Our online Quran academy has attained the status of being leader among many online Quran academies by providing best online Quran education. To fulfill the spiritual needs of all Muslim students, we are providing a wide variety of courses like:



Tajweed is the science of reading Quran correctly as per Arabic grammar. We demonstrate all main areas of tajweed with exact definition, explanation and examples picked from the Quran.



Memorization of Quran or in other words Hifz-e-Quran is absolutely an art itself. Each student who has desire is to take this course should be much dedicated and sincere so that he/she can achieve this milestone in minimum possible time.



Only Arabic reading is not enough to understand the whole Quran. For this purpose, translation in relevant native languages is of appropriate importance because by doing this, everybody can understand what the Holy Quran is actually saying.



This course is specially designed to teach students the basic Islamic knowledge. This course will cover all the most important aspects of Islam necessary for our daily lives.



In order to understand the Holy Quran properly, it is essential to learn the Arabic language first. Our online Arabic grammar course includes the basic Arabic grammar rules.



Through this course, students can learn duas for each and every occasion of life. Also, the benefit of this course is to learn when and how one should pray.



We have established this course for those who want to excel in Arabic language.


Student’s each and every minute activity is tracked by the software. An online class will be conducted according to the predetermined schedule. If due to some reason the class is cancelled or delayed, the reason for that will be explained.


Almost all parents want to keep an eye on their children and to see how their child performs on regular basis. It sometimes becomes difficult to have a complete check on your child specially when he/she is learning online. Moreover, in case of school learning, it becomes almost impossible to keep an eye in your child’s activities. Our online academy has a solution for this as well. A new and secure parent portal is available to overview the student’s activity. The activities on which parents can keep a check includes:

  • On which course the student is;
  • On which chapter, he is;
  • On which line he is;
  • Who teaches him;
  • How many classes he takes in a week/month;
  • How many classes have been cancelled or delayed.


We will not only teach you the best but will also make sure that you get it right. For the purpose of that weekly and monthly tests will be conducted by the teachers. These tests will serve as an indicator of student’s performance. If a student is picking up the lessons, he would definitely be able to do well in the tests. In this way, it will also help the teachers to understand student’s capability and teach him accordingly.


We believe that it is our duty to keep parents updated with the performance of their child. It’s their right to be fully informed in this regard. Comprehensive reporting will be done to fulfill this need. A full-fledged result will be provided explaining the progress of the student.


Our sole purpose is to help you learn to recite, understand and memorize the Holy Book of Allah SWT. Every one of us wants to pass on the knowledge of Quran to our children so that they can lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam. One who knows and understands Quran can never deviate from the right path. The knowledge of Quran guides us to the ultimate success that we all want to achieve. Our online academy will help you to gain that knowledge so that you can live a prosperous life in this world and hereafter.


It is necessary for all Muslim Ummah to have knowledge of Quran and it is the duty of parents to get their children have a good going with Quran Pak. It is obligatory for all Muslim girls and boys. Our online Quran academy have an edge over other academy in a way that we also have female teachers available. So, that female students can also avail the facility of learning Quran by staying at home.


Get registered with us and start the journey of spiritual learning with us. The payment method is as easy as all other things are. For the convenience of our clients, we have set different methods of payment to meet your various needs. We are providing the facility of online payment as well. You can select the payment method which suits you best. With the payment options, you can now make payments without any hassle. You can make payments through PayPal, Visa/Master card, Western Union, PRI and many others.


Local Bank Transfer:

Local Bank Transfer will allow you to transfer payment in local currency directly through your bank account. You can transfer money online through your bank’s website, by telephone banking or by visiting bank in person. This facility is available only for the residents of Pakistan.



PRI is Pakistan Remittance Initiative. Payment made through PRI is as reliable as any other.



MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan. You can make payments at online branches of MCB. All branches of MCB throughout Pakistan will accept the online payments.


Visa/Master Card:

Web payment facility is also available for overseas students. You can now make payments through credit or debit card. This facility can be availed by any Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card holder.



You can use PayPal to make payments. You can send money even through your mobile phone with the help of PayPal. All you will need is an email address. It is simple, faster and as secure as any other method.


Western Union:

Another method available to make online payment is to make it through Western Union. Western Union will serve as an intermediary agent.


Our mission is to spread the true teaching of the Holy Quran around the globe as per the directions of Almighty Allah and the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Once whoever uses our services remains with us forever.


The Holy Prophet PBUH once said:

“The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others”



May Allah bless us all to catch the light of Quran and spread it among others.